Rev. Dr. Sivin Kit, a pastor of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia, is the program executive for public theology and interreligious relations with the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva, tasked with pursuing strategic theological questions and contributing in areas of religion in the public space, interreligious collaboration, and peacebuilding. Previously, he taught theology, ethics, homiletics, and religious studies at the Malaysia Theological Seminary, where he was also director of the Centre for Religion and Society. He has published articles in the fields of public theology, Christian-Muslim relations, ecumenism, and interreligious relations in Southeast and East Asia. His wider interests include contextual theology and religion and media. Kit holds a B.Th. and M.Th. from the South East Asia Graduate School of Theology. He received his Ph.D. in religion, ethics, and society from the University of Agder, Norway.

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Born in October 1, 1972.

I’m married with one wife Long May Chin (whom I dated for 10 years!).

May Chin with favorite food Gareth & Elysia with Lego Ewan Cameron

We have 4 children — Gareth, Elysia, Ewan and Anja.

Rev.Sivin Kit

I come from a Christian family, baptized as an infant, affirmed in my teens, responded to the call to be a pastor at 21.

From April 2000 – January 2011 and January 2016 – June 2019 I served as the pastor of Bangsar Lutheran Church.

I’ve enjoyed coordinating emergent Malaysia for a number of years, and now it has evolved into Friends in Conversation and awaits its next emergence!). I was part of the founders for  RoH Malaysia (which is now taking a break) and was one of the initiators for The Micah Mandate.

Sivin on webcam

I completed my �Master of Theology (MTheol) with South East Asia Graduate School of Theology(SEAGST) in 2010 while wearing the multiple hats on my head 🙂 The title of the thesis is “A Trinitarian Public Theology: Malaysian Churches and Civil Society“.

If you really want to know, here’s six things weird about me … 😛

To dig deeper, check out the quizes I’ve done. Some are serious but all in good fun:


What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

What color do you see the world in?

How Creative Are You? (perhaps that’s why I’m also a Cultural Creative?)

Simpsonized Sivin



What Advanced Degree Should You Get?

Sivin at the Side

Which type of Blogger are you?

What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?


What Matrix Persona Are You?

What Type of Wild Creature are You?

Which Peanuts Character are You?

Which �Heroes� TV Character are YOU?

Which of the X-Men Are You?

Which Action Hero Would You Be?

What Kind of Food Are You?

What�s Your Beer Personality?


Which book of the Bible are you?

What type of Christian are you?


What is your model of the church?

What�s your eschatology?

What�s Your Theological Worldview?

Sivin preaching

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