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Dear visitors and friends,

This garden (blog) has been a wonderful experience for me. After being less active on it the last three years, I wondered whether I might return to blog again. It seems that the kind of blogging that got me started will end with this last post.

However, this doesn’t mean that I will disappear from the new media scene. Rather, I have decided to move to Ello|sivinkit (for social networking & writing fragments) and Sivin Kit — Medium (for extended reflections and writings).

Because this garden has been such a significant part of my journey, I have decided to maintain the site as a bio-historical record. Hopefully, it might still serve some purpose for anyone who still wants to come by.

This post will mark the ‘end’ of Sivin Kit’s Garden but it also means the ‘beginning’ of communication in new arenas. My surname is KIT — so keep in touch 🙂


Sivin Kit

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man of one wife, father of four kids
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