On Blogging Posts
The content of this website is solely my personal humble opinion and does not reflect the views of The Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore (LCMS), Bangsar Lutheran Church (BLC), Friends in Conversation (FIC), RoH Malaysia. (RoH) or the Micah Mandate (MM). External website links and excerpts do not connote agreement, endorsement, consent, nor approval.

On Blogging Comments
Any view or opinion represented in the blog comments are personal and is accredited to the respective commentor / visitor to this blog. This blogger reserves the right to moderate comment suitability in support of respecting racial, religious and political sensitivities, and in order to protect the rights of each commentor where available. Everything the commentor says in explicity or expressed in defamatory statements is bound to sedition laws from the commentor’s country of origin, and may be used against the said commentor.

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