The PLAYFUL, the MUNDANE and the PROFOUND -Adding flavor & flowers to my LiFE!

Most of the time life is MUNDANE as reminded by my lunch partner today. go to work, come home, eat and sleep, maybe some sports, that’s it. And one wonders is that all to life? (something I hear frequently nowadays)

It’s either I’m growing older (i.e. maturing) or simply because I’m a pastor (trained to appreciate the ordinary) – that I’ve come to appreciate that in the midst of the MUNDANE sometimes, and quite often .. we can find something PLAYFUL or PROFOUND. Then even the most routine and most ordinary of events can be changeds in a glimpse of an eye to that which adds flavor and flowers (heheh) to an earthly existence.

Now reality tells me that is not always the case. So, here are some things I do to bring in the playful and makes space for the profound.

1. I make some effort to “Fully Participate” in Christian Community (esp. LiFE Group) and Worship (Sunday Worship is a highlight). I don’t say this just because I’m a pastor. I say this as a Christian, these are special gifts I believe God has given us a time to “connect” with each other and a time to “worship God” together … I love it.

2. I look through my Mobile-phone Address book or Name cards and call someone that grabs my attention immediately.

3. I look at some old or new photos like this one with Gareth and Jannell… and wah lah!

4. READ something non-related to what I do (i.e. pastoring). Now, I’m reading old issues of “National Geographic”! The quote “Playful, mundane, profound” is from one article I read few days ago.

5. Watch GOOD – I REPEAT good movies … watched “Billy Elliot” last night with May Chin. It was nice (brought back some memories of England for me). The story from Boxer to Dancer was fun and touching… such grace and elegance!

6. Have a fun night at TOASTMASTERS CLUB … some take it very seriously but it’s the more PLAYFUL part for me ..

7. Go and have lunch with someone – from BLC or beyond …

8. Read other people’s BLOG …

9. BLOG myself ….(like now)

10. Go out DATING with My WIFE!
Appreciate Mom-in-law for taking care of Gareth (special arrangement) .. hehe!

11. Add to this 10-point list …!

Now then my Life is more flavorable … and I can see flowers …

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