Random Thoughts in front of the TV

Malaysian elections coming … what can we expect? what am I going to do?

can’t stand this Malaysian David Letterman-pirated-copy on TV. aiyo! not funny …

a lot of effort nd planning ahead is needed to get myself ready for the trip to Germany and hopefully a visit to UK (we’ll see…)

I’m pretty happy that I managed to confirm almost all of the speakers during my absence for at least a month from mid July to early August.

felt good that BLC could open it’s premises for an outside-BLC Christian Fellowship group to meet every Wednesday from 5-7pm. Hey, since the place is available, why not?

read a couple of chapters of Lewis Smedes’ Spiritual Memoirs … it’s refreshing how he tugs in theology with his autobiography … I’ve always liked the way crafted his paragraphs and his artistry with words.

I’m still puzzled why “someone” is so … ‘lethargic” in his approach in his service. Ok .. he’s just yougn and immature … but is that all?

*sigh* … I need more patience …

*smile* …so thankful for all those patient with me.

still got lots of work ahead … time to sleep … another chapter of Smedes will do me some good.

sometimes I wonder am I “out-of-touch” or “counter-cultural” or whatever … are my questions relevant? or necessary?

got the inspiration from Spencer Burke actually … using more picture than I usually do … but, don’t have many cohesive thougths this past week … or more preciesely can’t blog very cohesively …

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