Thoughtful Review on “the Movie”


“Don’t accept any simplistic responses to this movie. Though there’s a sense in which there’s nothing whatsoever subtle about it, nonetheless subtleties abound; on topics as fraught as the suffering and execution of Jesus of Nazareth especially when they’re taken up into a media-cultural phenomenon you’ll benefit from seeking out as nuanced responses as you can find.”

… that’s how this thoughtful review entitled The Mystery of The Passion starts … wise words

I was asked whether I could do a review of the movie (well .. I’ll try when i get to watch it … which is I don’t know when), I said It will be extremly biased and possibly emotional, for now I’m reading this review and waiting to watch the movie for myself and then make up my own mind … so far preaching from some passages from Luke based on the Lectionary is doing me much good to prepare for Good Friday!

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