McLaren on the Passion “outreach”

Brian McLaren as always gets me thinking with a healthy twist, Passionate, but Not for Mel’s Movie is another example of his wisdom and often challenge …. here’s what struck me … some people won’t like the way he put it, but then again thanks Brian for saying it:

“No doubt, Mel G’s film will be powerful and will help many—millions, I hope—for it is a sincere labor of love about the ultimate labor of love. But it’s not the greatest outreach opportunity in 2,000 years, at least, not for the emerging culture. I’ll tell you what is.

Actually, I won’t, because there isn’t one thing. Rather, there are uncountable great outreach opportunities. For example, there are millions of people, precious to God, dying of AIDs. And their orphans too. Do you want the emerging culture to sit up and take notice? Don’t show them another movie, however great it is. Show them Christians around the world (starting with those who have been given the most: us) who care and give and love and move to serve.

There are millions of poor Muslims who see the West as decadent, strident, arrogant, selfish, careless, and pugilistic, and of course, they are right. Can you see how offering them a fine movie could just make things worse? Instead, why don’t we show them some Christians (in the West but not of it) who are honest, upright, peacemakers, compassionate, humble, and generous?

Our world is torn by ethnic, class, and religious hatred. Don’t show the emerging culture a movie about Jesus: show them a movement of people living like Jesus—people who like him love the different, even the enemy, whose doors are open and tables are set with welcome.”

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