Random Thoughts after AGM

Wonderful to have new blood on the council … welcome James and Hoong Guit. Excellent post election speeches, I do hope our local politicians will take some cues from you guys when it comes to attitude!

Took some effort to get myself centred during the Worship Gathering, I wonder what’s going on with the others in BLC during that time … but it was worth it.

Told the church my salary, actually it’s not such a big deal if I don’t make it one.

Shared a little on “Emergent Malaysia” (at least the little we’re trying), I hope we can see how this is a small attempt to contrubute to the Malaysian Christian Eco-system (thanks newcomer Wei Aun for this phrase!)

Thanks to Jason Clark, after hearing his message on a CD, I was encouraged to really share some genuine fruits GOD has blessed us and used us in and through the BLC Christian community.

The way we sang Darlene’s birthday song sounded like the fans during an English premiere league football match!

Madrid 3/11 kept me on the ground again … and sober.

I’m glad this week has come to a good closure and I’m looking forward to the next week. Sunday is actually the first day of the week and yet to many it’s a weekend. Transitional day maybe?

The stations of the cross talk turned out better than I expected. In fact I was a little suprised how I was “cool” during the chapel service sharing and holy communion. I used the 4 Min. Extended Promo Trailer for the Passion of Christ to transition to the Holy Communion.

Gareth is walking!!! And he smiles all the way, and tries to run a little … 🙂

Looking forward to dinner tonight especially with fantastic friends and their wonderful kids!

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