Happenings between Sundays


one of the blessings and joys of blogging is that I get to “feel” and “know” what’s going on in the lives of some of the BLC members who are blogging. And I get tremendous encouragement when I can see progress and growth in the “stuff” we are doing as a church or individuals. Check out some posts that really makes my heart jumping for joy about our efforts together to grow as humans and people who desire to follow Christ. Their blogs have loads of other stuff going on worth reading and it gives me a picture of how one integrates this whole lot into a “happening” life (I just picked those more directly related to BLC)!


From David Berry:

… I can’t believe my luck (how about you Keat Lim ?) that we are working through the OT as a church and discussing it in our LG setting at the same time I am doing the module for my study. I find this time of meditation helps me pick up areas that I missed when I read it and that we get some fantastic insight from our fellow disciples.

… It has been a long and busy week and I am grateful that it is finished though I have enough backlog to work over the weekend. Think I will give it a miss. We finished discussing Genesis and started Exodus tonight at life group. It is good to hear the others viewpoints so that we get a richer view of the text.

… Whew that was a fun night with lots of good food and some silly games. Darned if we could get the untangle the arms thing going in my team we got creamed every time. The two truths and one lie was good too as we found out a few new things about each other and debunked a few assumptions.

Craziest was the haboo (think that was the name) where you try and make each other laugh. Still think it was okay for me to give uncle a peck on the cheek to get him to smile !

Was fun to see two different groups get together and especially the kids. Kirsten misses not having a playmate around and she led Natalie around for half the night.

Fellowship is good……


From John Cheah:

… LIFE Group yesterday was fun… had it at Bangsar Seafood Center. Different environment, with people around talking and a TV blaring in the background. Anyway, we learnt that it was important for the Israelites to be able to identify themselves in groups (tribes)… and so it is for us…. LIFE Groups.

… Wow! Never attended a church AGM before….. it was quite fun…. had plenty of laughs and had a chance to be serious as well. Congrats to the new adds to the Council of BLC. May the Lord lead you, James and Hoong Guit!
The way the AGM went, shows how close the church is as a body…. those that think and act as one need not be too worried about what’s happening in the other areas, for everything is known. Basically, the hand hurts when the leg hurts, but the eye also rejoices when the ear rejoices. Here’s to another great year being led by the Lord. Cheers, BLC!

… The LifeGroup completed the book this week….. whew! It was a powerful book…. we had to always remind our selves to read the OT books in the light of the NT… how Jesus would have read it…. So many seemingly difficult commands or laws…. yet seeing it through the lens of God (love), everything falls into place…. glad I finished the book with the help of God and the group… could not have done it without them all. Thanks Lord, and all you guys!

… Wow! I have not read the Bible THIS much before. 20 chapters a week for LIFE Group, skimming through 1 or 2 or more books a week for See Through the Scriptures (STS) class, and going in depth into the Old Testament for the London Bible College studies makes it quite taxing… but FUN.
Never realised how much I have missed in the past.

From Moh Foong:

… Went for my first “See throught the scriptures” class b4 the worship gathering yesterday at church. We went thru 5 illustrations and Wai Kin made an interesting comment about how we & the world belongs to GOD and when we spend time with Him or doing His work we r not “robbing” Him of of his time. Hmmmm…..

From James Tan:

… Reading the book of Job from The Message by Eugene Peterson, I’m intrigued by the fact that reading this book at this stage of my life bears a different meaning from my teenage years

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