Random Thoughts after 2nd Sabbath Retreat


Thanks to Jordon Cooper I’ve got a chance to try out Gmail. 1000MB worth of coolness 🙂 That was a nice goodie to get after a hot afternoon coming back from the retreat.

I learnt that it was harder for our new friends (who have not been connected to church or Christian life as many of us know it) to enter in the practice of centering prayer and lectio divina. But, I’m glad this entry level retreat still had space for other more “humanly” interactive activities like cooking together or more like eating together plus just hanging out in the apartment that I think was easier to “enter in to”.

Interesting that this round there were different dynamics at work. How does one practice all this in the midst of the realities of an upset tummy, unsettledness due to worry, taking care of a toddler, etc.?

One day & one night is a good intro … but somehow it’s just touching the surface. And for people as busy, driven, and accostomed to noise as us, the “cold turkey” part needed to help us appreciate silence was too short. hmmm … mind set in motion for upgrades! 🙂

Checked the net and have other models to learn from. The An Unexpected Breakfast with Jesus gives a Youth Specialities example. Click here for another sample.

I was encouraged by th 10 participants “nicknamed” feedback slip where generally I could hear that God has indeed spoken to many of them and the introduction to silence has still been beneficial. The bonus as always is getting to know new people and of course David ‘s excellent breakfast (this man can cook!). I was also thoroughly surpised by the fun John and Su Shen had with their practical training in handling a toddler!

Oh yes! one more delightful time or two actually were with the 2 couples planning to get married in October and December. Both were very different in personality as well as phase in their spiritual journey. But, if one were to take note carefully … you can’t miss God’s grace at work in them.

So all in all that’s a wrap up for now … I’m off to another “fun time”! 🙂

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