Random Thoughts at SS14 Starbucks

The past three weeks has been been full of unexpected challenges and demanding situations.

– Mom had a scare (now she’s on medication al things in control). May Chin admitted in hospital (now she’s alright). Gareth crying his lungs out because of the switch in who’s taking care of him (this is his third day and I trust he’s doing better).

– My health not fully back to optimum … (thankfully today is better)

– The letter from the authorities yesterday about our use of the Father’s House for “religious” activities (I will be going back to the Headquarters to dig out some history and call BLC’s previous pastor).

– and of course, other mini or major crises knocking on the door … and temptations lurking somewhere ready to pounce on me if I’m not careful.

And yet in the midst of that ….

– friends have been praying and supporting me personally, the family and BLC from all over the world as well as nearby.

– his grace has been especially “extra” when i almost couldn’t cope with this season of unexpected troubles.

– seeing God at work in the lives of individuals which just surprises me and delights me at the same time.

– getting some needed rest today and coming before God and center on what really matters!

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