Random Thoughts after “Open Doors”

Four years ago when we re-started BLC, I’ve always wanted us to play some part in participating in actitivities around BLC. So, I joined Toastmasters Bangsar (I’m still their member and still actively do speeches), visited a couple of Bangsar Rotaract Club (couldn’t continue because hey I’m but one person with limited time), and with a few others managed to sit in a number of MPH Midvalley Youth Forums – “Open Doors” (this is one I even hoped to facilitate a session!).

My one desire was simply to “be present” as a Christian and a pastor in what’s “happening” around our geographical area. We couldn’t organize stuff because the reality is we lack the resources and the human power 🙂 So “why don’t we just join others?” I thought … furthermore, I really wanted to get in touch back again with people who normally would not step into a church premises! Who knows what could “happen”?!

I must admit the only thing I could consistently be part of was Toastmasters and some friendships have developed there. And yesterday, the mini-dream to facilitate a youth forum was fulfilled 🙂

The participants were more “open” and “vocal” then I expected. In fact, the discussion was even more lively then some our LiFE Group sessions (maybe we’re trying to be too serious!).

I was impressed by a whole Malay family who came Father, Mom, Son and Daughter. They gave us the whole family flavour on what turned out to be a discussion on Youth-Parent relationships … the original title was “How to talk with your mom without losing your mind!”

I was delighted because we also had a 17 year old join us as well (2 actually with Ben Ong coming to say Hi!). I enjoyed both these young men’s contribution.

Of course, BLC had John Cheah and Su Shen coming to support which was a surprise actually! May Chin came later but restraining Gareth because when he sees me he’ll yell “Papa!” (and that would be distracting!)

All in all I was totally “energized” by the interaction and was encouraged when one lady said, she’s thinking about her mom (kind of like missing!) after as we talked about problems and possibilities when one relates to our parents (and vice versa)

Having IreneQ was at first a potential panic button scenario with a tape recorder and cameraman taking a few shots. I knew I’m not a “perfect” son or even parent (never graduated from learning how to relate to them), so I facilitated not as an expert but as a fellow pilgrim. I later became more relaxed and just had fun with everyone. And yet, I was hoping to evoke our awareness to higher values of unconditional love, forgiveness, and reconciliation at the end. It’s more than just methods …

Thanks Emma from MPH who gave me a chance (surprisingly Gareth allowed her to carry him at the end… must be mom’s training after these few days!) … and I’m still looking forward to do the topic on “media literacy” … 🙂

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