Looking Back 3 – Break in!

breakin_grilldoor.jpg breakin_grilldoor02.jpg

when May Chin & I just decided to pay the Father’s House a friendly visit on that day (3rd June 2001), we were totally shocked when the front grill was TORN DOWN (as you can see in the 2 pictures)!

The was the first of actually two “break-ins” we have experienced in our four year journey. I was almost devastated with what happened. Let’s face it we’re a young church and stuff like this though is part and parcal of our chaotic world, but still “shakes up” the most “composed” person!

Anyway, the first round it was suprising, we lost NOTHING not a single thing … the power mixer was rapped in a cloth (seemiingly ready to go!), the little equipment we had were still in place. We were all shocked and surprised at the same time.

Unfortunately, the second break in ( acouple of months later) though not as dramatic, more mysterious actually … (i.e. no torn down grill!) – resulted in us losing our Bass Amp and my personal “second wife” (as I called her) Ovation cloned guitar (the first guitar I ever bought with my own salary!) OUCH! that was painful … the insurance covered the Bass Amp loss … but I lost my guitar forever (sob!).

Sin, Death and the Devil …. steals, destroys, kills much of the best life has to offer – Especially the God kind of life … a life of wholeness, focus, joy and direction. Jesus who has been our guide and guardian the past four years has constantly injected “Life in all it’s fulness & fulfilment” into our chaotic broken world. I know we live in a kind of “now and not yet” tension … I’m hanging on to the truth that we’re all being drawn towards the “final” chapter where “there won’t be any more tears to wipe away!”

For now, I’m watchful of ANYTHING, or ANY CIRCUMSTANCE which might “break in” into my life and bring death, destruction, emptiness and insecurity. I submit myself once again the the ONE who’s the source of life, security and abundance. That’s what I pray for BLC as individuals and a corporate body as well … may we continue to “break out” from ANY POTENTIAL or REAL THREATS inside us and outside of us that pushes us away from the path we are meant to walk!

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