Real Live Preacher Revealed

I’ve been following Real Live Preacher on and off … one interesting thing about his blog is of course his anonymity and how that’s gives him the freedom to say what he wants to say.

But he has decided to come out in the open!

Honestly (a confession coming …), I tried to start and keep another blog where I had a secret identity but I never continued. It’s easier to be myself and less tiring. 🙂 I’m sticking with the simple Sivin Kit.

Anyway, here’s some stuff that caught my attention from his “self-introduction” (the real thing!). I’m glad I decided to forget the three attempts on trying to keep another “secret identity” blog … I’m happy with just being myself (which has it’s tiresome moments too!).

… I have to say that it’s a huge relief to finally be done with the anonymity. It’s work to stay hidden, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of never mentioning San Antonio, and I’m tired of changing the names of people and places.

… It’s been fun, and I’ve enjoyed having a secret identity. In the early days I thought it helped me be more honest. Maybe it did help me back then, but I don’t need anonymity anymore. It served its purpose, but I think it has become rather silly and tiresome. At least for me it has.

… I suppose that’s all I need to say. Just this once I will sign my own name here, which I think will feel good.


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