The other side of Bush


DJ Chuang ended with this in his post …on passion for compassion “Why does it all have to be so political?! :(“

Politics can be so complicated … because humans are complex beings, we’re such a mix bag of influences, ideas and impulses (trying to alliterate *grin*). After talking with two Americans last week, I realize there are reasons why many Americans (especially some Christians) would vote for George W. Bush in his re-election campaign. For some the choice would be straight forward, for many others it may be a genuine struggle.

For all, when it comes to complicated issues like politics, I guess we’re called to engage it with prayer, discernment, reason, humility, and the mosaic of kingdom values that allow us to transcend one sidedness to really understand and act the best we can. It’s much easier to just hide in a mountain somewhere (or a “self-constructed safe haven”), the fact is we live in a multi-constructed complex world and we’re called to play some part in it’s re-construction towards the final picture tucked in the last pages of the Bible.

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