ACLC ~ Day 2

How often do you have fun with a Bishop? Well, I did with Bishop Dr Edison MUNTHE (from Simalungun Protestant Christian Church) tonight at the special Lutheran Communion Dinner Banquet that just finished a couple of hours ago. Here’s a picture of him (on a more seriousness note at the recent LWF assembly)


I was very encouraged by him as I lead the songs when the banquet started, he was just clapping and moving along. At the end, he was so “responsive” and joined me up stage with some “Hallelujahs! and Praise the Lords” and we got everyone moving and walking (or marching around the tables) to the African song “We are marching in the light of God.” Very memorable indeed …


Rev. Samer Azar has been an interesting person to know (I got a true middle eastern Holy Kiss today at the end of the banquet!.) We are so different and yet we have some similarities… we’re both 32 this year! I’m pretty excited how this week’s worship will turn out in BLC with him as our guest plus one from Japan, another from Hong Kong, one from Australia, and very likey one from Finland and one more from Indonesia. It looks like another multicultural interaction (reminding me of a previous visit to BLC by the Asian Youth consultation 2 years ago)

That’s just two people who has left a deep impression on me … as usual I treasure the opportunities to learn and interact with those who are different in me and yet in our case we’re united in Christ.

I need to blog about it before I sleep. There’s more … when there’s more time 🙂

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