Random Thoughts after The Day After Tomorrow


I was actually suprised that I enjoyed this movie. Rotten Tomatoes Movie Review compilation is mixed (as usual)

The special effects were spectacular of course, the message straight forward, the focus on people were pretty touching at times (if dwelt longer may have drawn out some tears from us), and the music was actually haunting and soothing at times. Maybe I’m tired after the ACLC and a movie like this was timely. Nothing too hard on the intellect, some tug on the heart and a decent message!

While driving home I was thinking about the Dennis Quaid Character’s persistence to save his son and somehow connected it to our loving Father’s love towards humankind imprisoned in our impossibilities and our own disasters (which is plenty!)

Of course, our whole responsibility to the environment, the human pride and preoccupation with economics over environment, etc were the backdrop for some human drama. And it did make me wonder when was the last time I talked about us as stewards of creation. Hmmm ….

Thought about my exposure to the Lutheran World Federation related activities and events plus the connections made with people from different parts of the world. Like it or not, it has broadened my perspective and understanding on my Christian journey and our global journey whether scattered in our own context or gathered in specifically focuses causes or concerns.

I was also surprised in the opportunities opened up for me personally to serve, to grow and to learn more than I could ever imagine. It’s strange when there are times we don’t ask for anything and it’s offered to us. And today another possibility came up … we’ll wait and see what’s going to happen.

For now, I’m just getting ready for rest day no. 2 and that’s coming tomorrow!

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