Random thoughts after a good lunch

I really enjoyed yesterday’s lunch with our very own PJ working girls! And just a while ago a lovely time with our forever young looking council member. I kind of decided that I’ll “just make the phone-calls” and I’m glad I did. So, often we wished that we should have done something with our relationships when we could just put the same about of energy from feeling bad about wishes unfulfilled to making it happen!

Gmail finally allowed me to invite three others to try out their free email service. I was pretty excited … and sent my last invitation out this morning. Interesting responses to the invitations, the first one had difficulty signing up (so I’ll have to take it step by step with her). The second one easily signed up and is enjoying the benefits. The last one is hmmm … I’m still waiting to see what happens…. The whole process gave me some insights on “evangelism” which I’ve been thinking about here (on the word) and there (on “normal”people). Three invitations given, three different reponses and I too need to handle it differently.

The “baptism & affirmation” (formerly known as Cathechism) class at the Father’s House last night was pretty energizing with a dance of sharing, questions, answers, laughter and prayer. The variety in this small group of 8 is amazing … from more Chinese educated to English educated, some “pre-modern” responses to “post-modern” reactions, male and female perspectives, the raw excitement of some, and the refined patience of others, etc. “Organized Chaotic” learning can be quite fun but it does require a different of skills … primarily the ability to navigate on the spot while keeping our eyes on where we’re going!

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