Managing Your Time

Even though this article from Youth Specialities was meant for Youth workers but I think the Dilbert-sounding points are relevant to all 🙂

I picked out some statements that “struck” me … OUCH! Oh! Aiyah! … (but read the whole article to get the context and flow)

… get organized or go insane

… stop doing the stuff that doesn’t matter and focus like a laser on what does

… The time you allot for a task should be based on how much time it deserves.

… after a certain point, the longer you work on a project the more likely you are to be throwing time away.

… developing a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t require a major revamping of our days; it simply requires that we add one good, focused hour to each day’s work.

… At the end of every day—before you drive home—you need to plan tomorrow. At the end of every week you need to plan the next week. On a quarterly basis you need an extended period of time to look out over the next 12 to 18 months.

… there’s seldom much value in talking about things more than 1,000 days in advance.

… Schedule time in your day to grow.


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