Random Thoughts with Mango Citrus

Opps … I left my mobile phone in the car! I’m getting forgetful lately … and yesterday I actually forgot an important “appointment” . Graciously, I somehow managed … confessed to some BLC members today. Oh how weak we humans are!

Relooked at the Ooze and think I should put it as a link … good stuff there!

Strange to spend this Sunday afternoon alone …:-)

I was encouraged by Sigrun who shared with me the last two messages on Job and Ecclesiastes helped her. It’s feedback like this that “energizes” me when I know my efforts help others forward … especially these two OT books are pretty “tricksy”!

I came across a link in the faithmaps yahoogroup on Chick Publications (that some Malaysian Christian bookstores still sell) check out The Nightmare World of Jack T. Chick. I don’t agree with everything the Roman Catholic church believes and does (but then we don’t even agree amongst ourselves we Protestants), but I think spreading “hate” & “paranoia” should never be our style!

The “dechurched” is a growing reality amongst Malaysian Christians locally as well as overseas. Found out more are going this direction yesterday. It’s a good time to pause and refine what we’re doing! Frankly, it’s sad and yet we shouldn’t just throw up our hands giving up or just point fingers at people!

It’s also a reality that at least in KL/PJ, there’s cross migration of Christians from one bigger church to another, or people leaving the mainline churches either to independent churches or going into “dechurch” mode. The mainline churches are feeling it a lot … and now even the pentecostal churches like the Assemblies of God are feeling the pinch. Where do we go from here?

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