The Best Things in Life are Free


I thought the title was pretty engaging … a brief skim through the article had some statements that caught my attention. Some food for thought, the business world often pushes us to think further 🙂 or at least know what people are thinking so we’re more aware *grin*

All in all … my favorite part is still just the title …


… If your goal is growth, the only way to achieve it is to market a product or service worth talking about–a purple cow (as I called them in my last book). With all the clutter out there, you’re either remarkable or invisible.

… The perception of how we should do innovation is wrong. We’ve drawn it as a complicated, expensive, time-consuming process that should be done like most corporate initiatives: slowly, expensively, with massive buy-in and with lots of planning. No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.

… A prototype makes it concrete. To hold it makes it possible, makes it likely, and reinforces your role as the champion, the owner of the vision.

Prototypes also help us get over our desire to make it perfect before we start. If it’s easy to make one prototype, it’s easy to make a hundred. Each prototype gets better, more useful, more real.


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