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It’s going to be a strange one month for me … someone told me this will be an important time for me as well as BLC. I’ll have to wait and listen to the “voices” echoing the small whispers of what I believe God will do in the life of our young community. But, I can at least be more “involved” with what He has install for me … 🙂

The age old phrase “Follow me!” struck me … again with freshness today. And how often one maybe so involved with how others are “following Christ” that not sufficient attention will be given to that fundamental personal “following” which is the basis of communal “following” together.

Some plans are in place for my “journey” next week onwards, and yet I’m also “wondering” what’s my personal spiritual journey going to be with two significant aspects of my life – i.e. the local church community I’m part of and family, will be in some way “unplugged” from my “routine” daily pathway. It’s a little scary even for a kind of “open to possibilities” person like me.

It’s my seventh year in “fulltime” ministry since graduating at 25. I’m thankful for this “mini-Sabbath” God has given me, in fact, it’s truly an unexpected gift … and yet, I would be dishonest if I didn’t say I’m a little “fearful” as well … the unknown is always not so “bright” and “shining”.

well … maybe it’s just this whole “missing” loved ones that’s occupying my mind …


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