Random Thoughts before dinner

I plan to go on a read lots of articles evening before I sleep tonight … especially from local writers for a change … after listening to a message by Rev Dr Hwa Yung my teacher in seminary online, I thought I’d check out his article Emulating Christ in Mission and see what reactions I get inside. He’s been a great teacher and a model Christian leader in many ways for me, and in some way a mentor.

I thought I might scratch my “methodist” itch tonight for a change. I did “Methodism” as an elective in seminary. So Dr. Roland Chia’s Grace and Responsibility: A Brief Exposition of John Wesley’s Theology of Graceshould be easy enough to grasp 🙂 I just didn’t want to get locked too much with the “Luther Bug” less I become less generous to those who are not Lutheran! He’s divided the topic into the following:

* Part 1 – Prevenient Grace
* Part 2 – Justifying Grace
* Part 3 – Sanctifying Grace
* Part 4 – Perfecting Grace
* Part 5 – Triumphant Grace

Great to see a new post by Skyhover on Malaysian Food Idol and of course DB captured a bit on last Sunday’s baptism and through Hills of John I found a new link to Book Gobbler

I felt really honored to get an intivitation today from jen lemen to contribute my thoughts and reflections based on Brian McLaren’s latest book A Generous Orthodoxy (which I think I will enjoy *grin*) at http://agenerousorthodoxy.blogspot.com/

Wow! loads of interesting stuff happening … in this last lap of the year 2004. I’ll need to get my mind and hands working on the 3 open exam assignments for my Masters of Theology (MTheol) entrance exam … and then 3 more closed book exams. all this just to get started?! yup … I guess the seminary needs to make sure we are still able to “learn” 🙂 or more precisely, just to make sure we are not that rusty huh? Well, learning is always fun for me … but I think I’ll need the discipline in the programme to keep my random thoughts focused in some useful direction.

oppss … I’m late … got to go. chao!

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