Leadership … Revisited

Thanks Winn for passing on these insights from the Missonal Church Forum

Here’s his notes in bold:

Leadership is not a person with a plan or vision for the future, a leader is one who forms environments in which the people of God, among whom the Spirit resides, can get in dialogue with others and narratives of Scripture. Alan suggested that theology happen in liminality and in the liminility there is an interface of structure and anti-structure and that both are needed for the other to exist.

It is sometimes apparent that the emergent climate is somewhat anti-structural: undifferentiated with a lack of form or order and position. However, any group that comes together forms structure. [My comment: It may be a panacea to think that there should be a formless church.]

In the panel time Alan suggested that the emerging church was in a somewhat adolescent period and should find a way to grow up.

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