The Invisible World

Thanks Movable Theoblogical for pointing me to Gordon Cosby’s article The Invisible World

Here’s some stuff that just stands out!


Nothing in the Christian life works unless we get the hang of prayer. Christianity as a theological system, as an ethical and moral system, simply won’t do. Unless we can connect with another order of reality, the whole thing is just too exhausting to try to work through. …

1) We have to have a basic, fundamental conversion, a metanoia, or turning around. The most fundamental way of describing this conversion is that we become aware of the invisible world. The central conversion of metanoia is to pass from the visible world into the invisible world of the almighty uncreated energies of God as the foundation of all reality. We have to make a decision that it is in this invisible world that we are going to live. …

2) Recognize that this whole order of being, this world which is there, is a gracious reality. It is ready to flow into me if I can open to it as a gracious reality. It is for me. This coming into me will bless me, thus it is a blessed reality. …

3) I f I’m aware that that realm is there, if f I’m aware that it is a gracious reality, then I have a possibility of surrendering to the ocean of love which is ready to pour in on me. And what pours in?

Christ pours in, the Holy Spirit pours in, the Father pours in, this trinitarian life actually, literally comes into me as I open, as I surrender with abandon to the whole realm of reality which is there. Christ comes through the door once closed but now opened and He brings everybody with Him. Often when He comes in I find that He has His arms around my mission group members, and all of His Church. He brings with Him all of the broken ones. These broken ones are within me, these wounded ones are within me, the murderers are let in, and the idiots are let in.

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