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(I’ll talk about this picture at the end of the post…)

Theological Reflection is one area that needs “emergency” emphasis in Christian leadership in Malaysia. I told Andy Morgan that I’m “100% with you on “whatever your view, i do think that the church and its leaders must start to think theologically. ” Especially, in my context this is much needed emphasis. We are challenged to “think pragmatically, experientially, devotionally, etc” But a lot of our problems apart from personal character flaws and emotional health issues do stem from the lack of effort to think theologically …”

It’s really nice to have a peek at what many emerging, post-modern churches all around the U.S. look like and get some “feel” of the concrete lives they live. Thanks to Rodger Sellers Travel Logs we get to join him in a way (via abductive columns)

I’m happy this morning to be reminded of Lessons for Transforming Churches from The Church of the Saviour which I still find an uphill journey to see all these values become a reality in our church. But, I’m challenged to think long-term … so, perseverance is a must!

ok and now some comments on the picture.

First, a big congratulations to Rev. Dr. Hwa Yung who is now the Bishop of The Methodist Church in Malaysia. He was very instrumental in planting the seeds, and preparing the soil in me to “Think Theologically” as my former principal and lecturer in Christian Theology and Asian Theology in Seminari Theoloji Malaysia. Then, it was simply “surprising” & “accidental” (because we were in a wedding dinner upstairs when they were in a thanksgiving dinner downstairs) that we could also catch up with his wife Dr. Lee Bee Teik who was the pre-marital counsellor for May Chin and I. We were delighted that both of them could catch a glimpse of Gareth. Of course, Jerng their son stayed with us for a little while and somehow our relationship links have been connected since. So on one hand, meeting now Bishop Hwa Yung 🙂 always reminds me of the importance of theological reflection in Christian leadership and seeing Dr. Lee reminds me of the importance of relational connections.

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