Emergent Malaysia Notes (one more)

I’m delightfully surprised by the responses “generated” by our so called first pretty informal gathering actually. Even thoughts from some one who missed the meeting like My Tightrope had some worthwhile questions feeding our future conversations here Emergent Rising and Knees Knocking…, and I thought I was going to have a day of rest today, turned out my mind is still on overdrive! Here’s an excerpt from his post:

What is exciting me most about the “Emergent” movement is the rethinking about our relationship and (to use an increasingly common word) conversations to God and to everyone. Sounds almost cliched but that is exactly what is needed. A rethinking needs, no pun intended, to be thought out. In this particular loci of time, when theology, good and bad, is becoming more prevalent among the masses, when religiosity is giving way dogmatic deconstruction and when our elders start to squirm in their seats and wonder about the good ol’ days.

Where then is the balance? How do we emerge the church in the greater society while holding on to the non-negotiable commandments lest syncretism creep in? How do we balance the touchy-feel conversations and keep our relationships real and fruit bearing to other people looking in? How does the Emerging Church fit into our tapestry of cultures, filial bonds and moral-tradition codes and how can it be relevant without the frequent bumbling Christian toe-stepping evangelism approach? Lotsa questions and lotsa looking forward tos.

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