The Waiting Room Pt. 2

After more than one failed attempt in some kind of online interactive community, BLC’s Community Blog The Waiting Room has sprung to life in an unexpected way. I think it’s also a great place for people to have a glimpse of “happenings” in our corporate lives on the edge of Bangsar and beyond!

James has posted an important Question & Answer section to help people know what’s going on.

Here are some nice snapshots of what happened yesterday:

Stepping In! which is connected to Conversations with Jessisca! and of course the food connection after the worship gathering is expounded in Refreshment day

While some had the chance for the much coveted taking-care-of-our-body Sunday afternoon siesta, a bunch of us spend some time with youth from another Lutheran church with the theme Run the Race (which as you can see with so many pictures evidence that I got my Canon A70 back!)

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