Thoughts from a 32year old III: How A-Boy and BLC changed my adventures


Gareth is going to be two on the 8th of October! Something just “popped” inside me when I witnessed Gareth’s birth and just being part of his growth and discovery of what being human is all about together with May Chin (who’s the real hero in this story – hope you all will have a change to read it from her point of view soon! *grin*) has made me see my own journey in a new light. (Phew! that was a long sentence!) And now for more …

Being a father really is not what I expected (did I have any expectations? not sure now!), but it has been indeed a fun and fantastic adventure so far … playing together, praying together, trying to “reason” with him … recently figuring out the best way to “discpline” this “tender wild horse”. All this while the hardworking, discipline, faithful Ox – I mean his mom and my wife May Chin wonders what to make of us … the Rat always sniffing for potato chips and the Horse galloping around with new tricks here and there. I recall Bob Brow telling me about my “enhanced” theological education after being a father … I must say Bob, “You are absolutely-certainly-beyond probability RIGHT as far as my life is concerned. You are indeed a wise man!” (the enhancement extended to psychology, anthropology, philosophy, socialogy, whatever is coming next as well)

I think as far as Bangsar Lutheran Church (BLC) is concerned I was probably more like a midwife in helping her re-birth in the year 2000. The pregnancy was unexpected and not easy. We have our very own “jaunice” scare to tell and all sorts of “teething” stories too. Of course as a four year old we’re bumping into stuff and falling down ever so often. But, we’ve grown (at least in lives connected, spiritual maturity and genuine ministry). Thankfully, we’ve grown … by God’s grace. And there’s still a long way to go …

BLC has been a significant part of my adventure so far constantly bringing me back to the realities of ordinary human beings attempting to live our the Christian faith in a beautiful and yet complicated country like Malaysia (I must add stressful as well especially in KL/PJ where all of us work and live). Being her pastor has opened doors and windows that I could never have imagined. She’s taught me much that I didn’t learn in seminary (even though I’m thankful for the tools the seminary provided for me to learn in the first place). I don’t see too many “trophies” I could boast about, I’ll leave that for Jesus final assesment in the final party and those whom have somehow been connected to us. I’ve been “cut” during this time, and I’ve bled … but the scars are now redeemed to be stories of grace and redemption. And I’ve also feasted and played in the many “intentional” and often unexpected parties (I’m using a lot of metaphorical language here) through the more normal parts of church life like worship, community, outreach, learning, leadership,etc, but there were loads of other not so normal parts outside of the “organized” dimension that has enriched me.

I enjoyed so much singing with Gareth in the car a couple of nights ago. May Chin and I sang, “Jesus, loves me this I … “, Gareth goes “Knoooow”, We carry on “For the Bible tells me ….”, he goes on “soooooo” and then when we reach the chorus, We sing “yes, Jesus loves ….” , he knows the que ” MEEEEEE!”

Yes, Jesus loves ….. MEEEEEE …

Nothing individualistic here (that’s a taboo word for me!) …. but, as I’m looking at all this today, I truly think that “Jesus, loves me!” and I know it’s not just me He loves (There’s more that’s available)!

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