Thoughts from a 32year Old IV: How May Chin changed my whole being


May Chin is one who shys away from publicity … I hope I won’t get scolded for putting up this picture of her pretty relaxed (Thanks Chin Hor excellent work on the shot). We still hold the record for dating in BLC (i.e. 10 years)!!! I must say she still looks young and pretty while I’ve grown “bulkier” (is there such a word) around the waist and thinner & greyer hair. Now for more important changes …

I was once a solo rat on the run always … she injected a strong dose of family into me. For which has been good for the Kit family. I still wonder how mom handles the three men in the house who are always on “solo flights” somewhere.

I was once a totally hopeless disorganized mess … now I’m proud to say I’m a little more hopeful organized mess!

I was once easily caught in my own whirlpool of disappointment and self-doubt, now though I still get wet on and off but I’m less likely to get sucked into despair.

I was once disconnected with the “real” world and very much in the “church” world, now I really enjoy hanging out with her friends and connecting with what people call the “real” world through her life and work. Of course, I still think that there is a more “REAL” world …all of us need to engage 🙂 that’s for another post.

I was once someone who had no taste for curry and whatever is spicy, now I have no choice (at times) but also have developed a healthy taste for food that ranges from red to yellow.

I was once who’s not into “pure traveling” (might as well sleep at home or usually related to work), but with May Chin we’ve spent some winter days in Seoul and I even think about where we can go locally for a trip.

There are some stuff that didn’t change so much as maybe morphed into what I think is better or a greater blessing …

Our love for Jesus … she’s helped me to be real and be authentic. No faking here!

Our view of Christians … she’s given me perspectives and intuitive insights that allows us to be more realistic and honest. In short, I think at least we’ve given up on being “freaky” (or weird) so we can focus on being faithful.

Our relation to others … She’s been instrumental to keep me connected when I’m tempted to go off some “solo” track again. Acceptance, discernment, caution, affirmation, care and concern .. all these words have more depth now.

Our place in this world … She’s definately the one who keeps me on the practical ground as I fly around in my creative sky space. While I think I’ve got a clearer picture of my place in this world, she helps me see how we can find “our place” in this world as a couple and as a family.

By the way, …. I do miss those “interesting” letters we wrote to each other … listening to one of them read by May Chin one night surfaced more than giggles – growing more in human responsibility is compatible with growing more in human romance! Both/And sounds good!

Thanks dear!

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