Random Thoughts after Worship Wars: No more! Part 1


I was delightfully surprised and chastised for my lack of faith when more than 35people turned up last night for the Worship Wars: No More! workshop (I know we had to last minute photocopy more notes, thanks Moh Foong). Apart from BLC, we had people from Damansara Utama, Salak South, 11th Mile, Good Shepherd & Luther House (who originally mooted the idea of the workshop) There was an interesting mix of participants from the young punk college student to the more senior steady uncle. And of course, we had a youth pastor with three ordained pastors thrown in for pleasure! What’s more important as the conversations begin, may the needed changes happen.

I just finished reading A Generous Orthodoxy. And hope to put up some thoughts soon. But first must contribute and pay my dues 🙂 to the group blog aGenerousOrthodoxy.com His chapter on “Why am I Incarnational” really pressed some key pressure points for me.

I’m planning to read our PM’s speech delivered at the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies delivered I just found out on my Birthday … hmmm) His opening already drew me in and I’m interested to understand at least his vision of what is and what is to come.

Of course, I read also the Malaysian Former Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim TalkAsia Interview Transcript with interest on Monday as well.

In the past I didn’t really bother about what’s happening around me unless it has immediate concern to me. But, I realized that I am a human being, a Christian and a citizen living in Malaysia and though I need not be pre-occupied and paralysed by the socio-economic and political currents around me, I cannot and must not ignore it. The least I can do is pray … 🙂 but that’s just the least. The next step is to genuinely live out the best that I can possibly can in my journey as a Christ-follower.

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