Floating Ideas (Pilot Episode)

I’ve been using “Random Thoughts” more on reflecting on past events, or immediate insights that bubbles inside of me, and of course ideas that captured my imagination. However, it’s been more of a looking back kind of exercise. I’ve always want to have a kind of frame to help be look more to the future – kind of brainstorming exercise. So, I finally settled on this “Floating Ideas” catergory 🙂 here’s a test run!

–> what if pastors/leaders are taught “how to adapt” (so we’re moving beyond just attending a conference and come home with a stack of notes and ideas) and be introduced to a framework that (1) helps them think through their own context, (2) Scan through the best use of available material (often produced in the west because of the resource production ability), and (3) custom-design resources that would fit into their own context? (so for once and for all we Malaysians can be cured of the copy-whole-sale disease)

—>> Practically speaking, we can do a “Exchange-Get-Together”. Get 20-30 pastors & person in charge of education together, bring all the stuff they are already using (i.e. tapes, curriculum, books, etc) meet for half a day and share what they are already doing (with some struggles surely), and then at the end after listening to all who shared, reflect on how one may adapt even more.

Of course, this is more than just “exchanging” notes on materials and resources. That’s the entry point. The deeper questions is how do we see “spiritual formation” – in both personal and corporate terms.

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