Random Thoughts after 6hours of “pain”


The STM gate was really welcoming, it’s a really nice place – thought popping up – “what am I getting myself into?” – “Just do it lah!”


It’s always nice to have someone else suffer with you … 🙂 this guy helped me get my first A in seminary!


when you walk in, there’s a kind of mysterious mood of uncertainty and challenge.


The questions for the papers were ok, I was glad that I did some reading (not so much before the exam but ongoing stuff) Pick 2 questions for each paper, I do the usual – mind map first, then just scribble!


Ah the sense of satisfaction is wonderful … even though I may not be satisfied with the answers. It’s amazing how much one can write when they are confined to a room alone and under some pressure. Nothing fantastic but at least something came out …


Oh yes, remember to bring extra pens that you like and have enough ink. Plus, it’s not just a mental thing – of course, I put a lot of heart in the writing – but you need to train your hand for such hard labour. Haven’t written like this for a long time – and I think my handwriting technique is awful … I still feel the “pain” in the hand … “no pain no gain”, they say


you can’t help it … “I see the light!”

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