How to say “no!” from my 21 year old sage

When asked how does he” tell” the girl interested in him to get the message he’s not. Here’s his advice …

Well, I’m not only abrasive and cold to her. Flat out ignoring people won’t
tell the whole story. I encourage any healthy interaction, whereas there
can’t be much until she gets of over the crush. Teaching birds to fly
involves a carefully timed process of dropping and catching.”

1. be friendly, but hint to the effect of “back off”
2. if hints are not apparently heeded as desired, drop the bomb: lay down that the bottom line is “go away”
3. After step 2. takes effect… send reminder that bottom line is just a general rule. the policy which is being advised is not “go away, period.” rather, it is “treat me like a normal person”
If she’s too optimistic… i might have to call the cops or delete her from my IM list.

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