Random Thoughts after Disappearing for a while


Being away for the camp was harder than I thought. And speaking back to back for two camps is even harder. I recall doing it before. Maybe I’m getting older … of course, Grace is always sufficient …

Took me quite some time just to clear the comment spam I’ve got …. I joked with some people I “confess” my sins as I delete the spam and blacklist them. It’s a tedious exercise (I mean the deleting spam bit!)

Nowadays the pull when Gareth calls out “Papa!” is very strong … I not only missed him three days. Even when I’m here, I’m already out three nights. However, Gareth and I had a nice Monday morning together which I really treasured.

I’m really looking forward for a “family solitude” after Christmas. May Chin would probably have a bigger smile after reading this.

It was a strange feeling to see my blog totally black before I posted this post to get jump started again. I think it’s the longest time I’ve been absent from blogging.

So much has happened and is happening.

I feel I need to make some “firm” decisions soon. Many events and reflections have purged my naivety and opened up some “window” to access God in a different way.

2005 has already come knocking on my door … in fact lots of “knocks” are coming in …

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