Random Thought after Midnight

Nice to have access tonight … it was a delightful surprise.

The final session at the camp went pretty well considering the constraints before us. There was a bunch of parents waiting to see their kids perform their dances after my message.

Someone collapsed during the refreshment time and I’m praying that this particular parent would be alright. It’s really tough for the kids as it’s already wonderful that this hardworking dad came to see them tonight. I’m hoping to hear tomorrow that he’s doing better.

I’m looking forward to the “emergent malaysia” party … on Saturday, and the chance to pop in one of the LiFe Group parties after that. Then next week there’s one party which I’m also excited to visit. Then I also hope to transform another little gathering to a simple party. It’s the party season.

I’m also glad that as the year closes its chapter I’ll have a chance to know a new friend – Zayd’s Dad. This mini twist for the year end will start tomorrow.

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