Random Thoughts on Christmas Eve Morning 2004


I was surprised and delighted when I got my copy of Newsweek(special double edition – The Who’s Next Issue) today. I just posted something related to our Malaysian Prime Minister yesterday. Obviously from the website I could see the front cover is more for “marketing” purposes or connecting with the targetted readers. Hmmm…

Why? Because I expected a more extended piece on our Primie Minister but was disappointed when it was a merely a little more than one page of write up 🙁 Malaysia has got some attention in the International scene but not that much huh?

Nevertheless, as usual I love these in Newsweek. The cartoons plus the quotes can serve as conversation starters or at least spark some thoughtful reflection.

Oh yes …
Journey Women has been “resurrected” after the whole mblog tragedy with the help of blogger …. Welcome come back Journey Women. Let’s just cross our computer cables that they wont do a “mblog” (you know what I mean .. kaput!)

Thanks to wonderful brother .. I got some Christmas goodies (read books) for a good discount at MPH 1 Utama yesterday. Two for others, and two for me!!! 🙂 Oppss is my wife reading this?

I began to discover a couple of days ago more people who have read or are reading A New Kind of Christian. I find it interesting how people react to the style as well as the substance of (whome I find as always a welcome ally and conversation partner)

This week has been interesting because I managed to meet with someone who’s been “burnt” by “a Charismatic-Fundamentalist-conservative-legalistic-in-overdrive” church. After hearing his story, I wonder whether there are more out there. What can be done? How can we respond?

I was also intrigued by “voices” found in local mega-churches or big churches here (mega in the sense of more than 1000 people, big would be 600 above) and to hear and read their thoughts makes me more urgent in my quest for contructive theology, spirituality and ministry.

I enjoyed last night’s worship practice at BLC … we’ve been so “unplugged” until we’re a little rusty playing as a full 4 piece band. But, slowly and surely we managed a little … go Daniel kick that bass drum! Paul, I wanna hear those guitar licks! Joanne, I know it’s tough singing and playing at the same time … run those fingers on the keys and me? Oh! Just have funlah on the bass .. very painful .. old strongs .. can foresee blisters!

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