Random Thoughts before Seremban Trip

In the past, I might just be praying for what’s happening right now after the earthquake and tsunami in this region. But, besides genuine heartfelt intercession there’s also an authentic desire for action. Thanks Bob Jots for constant updates and providing the Tsunami Relief Links I hope to call up some one in World Vision Malaysia to get more info later.

I was reading Emergent as Society? with great interest. Then going to the original link my vision to get the background to the discussion and liked what I read. And now reading Brian McLaren on Emergent as a Movement provides some useful grids and lens to deepen the dialogue and some directions we could take. Ahh … the speed of information and interactions thanks to blogging 🙂 More thoughts on this later.

Jonny Baker pointed me to SmartCommons for a look. And it does look interesting especially when they say its supposed to “enables local communities to self-organize and share in a world that seems more prefabricated and single-serving everyday. SmartCommons is the spiritual bazaar of the social software services.”

Chris Erdman has been constantly writing quality stuff with Alan Roxburgh here at Odyssey . I need to slow down my pace and engage with Coming to Eucharist, Feeling an Outsider and On Suffering Worship, Self-Pastoring, and Christmas. These guys create space for me to grow. I need to stop and let that happen.

After reading my “blog friend” Paul Oyler’s post Deep calls to Deep – Tsunami – How to help I’m once again appreciative of the best values that I’ve found in the blogging community – genuine concern, sharing, connecting, commitment, and care. I’m not deny the reality for abuses and weaknesses, but what I’ve experienced the last few days has been “healing”.

Just before I leave (I’m later than I planned *grin*, that’s a weakness with blogging), I’m drawn back to a incarnational “earthy” and “flesh and blood” post by Rudy on Church: Why Bother? and somehow this resonates with a lot of what I’m thinking after all these years of working in a local church setting from a youth/worship pastor to what I’m doing now as well as partnering frequently with para-church organisations or networks.

ok better go … btw, I got some Gmail invites let me know if you want one.

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