Random Thoughts on Monday noon

I’m pretty excited to learn how to maximize the performance of the notebook (or as a friend put it “blogging machine” – I use it more than just for that!). Less pretty looking in appearance, but I can live with that!

Elysia is “pacifier”-trained 🙂 We feel a little bad but we need to survive!

Gareth is doing so much better these days. I enjoyed a great time with him yesterday afternoon introducing him Mr. Men (I loved these guys when I was a kid in the UK)

wow! yesterday, I was having a headache sitting through an evening special service. Loads of thoughts about ministry, relating to the more English-speaking as well as Chinese-speaking cultures even within out Lutheran denomination, the balance between intellect and practical reflections, etc. and much more. I was zonked out after that!

I was pretty touched with reading the substantial amount of coverage in the Sunday evening Chinese paper and English NST paper today on Pope John Paul II.

Lunch time better go! quite happy with the performance of the notebook thus far …

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