Random Thoughts on Tuesday 3.15pm

It’s been sometime since I’ve listened to Brian McLaren speak and it’s still good and helpful. It’s nice to see him in action at his local church where he’s pastor. These Talks Online has a range to listen to.

I hope to do more disciplined or focused blogs in the next couple of days or maybe a month. Maybe a series on how I connected with Emergent and the Global Emerging Church conversation

I really feel like posting up a number of books that’s been revolving in my mind. But I’m pretty excited to especially interact with Constants in context

Last sunday is a significant Sunday for us as a church and me personally. I need to pause and allow God to take me deeper to grasp the significance in this.

Oh yeah … there’s still at least 3 things I need to settle at a denominational level which i hope to settle by tomorrow! No more delay!

Making my return to Toastmasters Bangsar tonight … it’s important for me to reconnect with my unchurched friends.

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