Random Thoughts after midnight


We’ve been really having good food since Elysia’s Full Moon lunch on Friday. We then had a couple of LiFe Group members over with Mom’s good cooking on saturda. Tonight, it was good to catch up with old friends. Good “Margin” for what’s important.

I feel really humbled to day when a pastor friend came to visit and just share what’s going on in ministry and personal reflections. I enjoyed the conversation, the questions and interaction. I learnt a lot simply by listening … I still find myself talking a lot 🙂

It’s feel wonderful to conduct baptism for two new people in who’ve connected with our church community. I recall years ago when I watched a baptism service video shown by Bill Hybels in his closing presentation in Singapore that drew more than one tear from my eye.

I have loads of fun talking with Gareth these days especially in the car whenever we’re either driving to and fro church, or going to buy stuff, or simply sending mom home to Ampang and coming back to P.J. There are times I must admit that the adjustments for Gareth with the arrival of Elysia can be stressful and frustrating. But, it’s embracing the whole package isn’t it? that picking and choosing what we want … it’s the whole package. And I find joy and learning in that.

Carrying Elysia this after noon and seeing dose off is a beautiful experience. And then she wakes up and dozes of again. At times making some noise and sleeping again… wow! this rhythm can be tiring but we’re getting use to it.

May Chin as always is “super”!

Good to have some “space” and “time” – i.e. “Margin” to catch up with unhurried blog reading and some commenting.

Nice to have the red eggs on Friday … especially when it;s so close to Easter when our kids at church got similar eggs to wrap up as well as Chocolat eggs. Anyway, “new life” is a constant theme latelty. Especially with another friend giving birth to a baby girl on Saturday!

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