Random Thoughts after a long journey home

Funerals and memorial always make me stop … listen … and be with people. Auntie no.2 – i.e. Dad’s sister passed away at 69 (yesterday I think). I’m glad I managed to make it for her “service”. She was not a Christian. My relative told me that they managed to get Buddhist monks to conduct the ritual but actually she’s more Toaist in her opinion but as long as there’s a road for her then that’s the best we can do. This really got me thinking how one views death.

Strangely, someone asked me, “what would do people think in the final hours of their life?” Just before I went to pay my respects to Auntie No.2.

The Long silent ride home made me reconsider my relationships with my relatives especially from my Dad’s side. We’ve been pretty detached. probably the next round we’ll meet will be at a cousin’s wedding in September. When I was a kid we were pretty close.

It was good to catch up with at least some cousins with some conversations.
I listened with interest how one is doing well at work, another changed church and feels she’s found a place where she can grow (strangely I’m in touch with people from the exact same church feeling totally different *grin*), another cousin talked about her studies put on hold and work, …. then I could also connect a little with some other aunties which was good. It’s strange how what is a sad event like this has lots of redemptive elements.

Many thoughts emerged during the drive home … and I’ll need to sleep on them.
It’s been a full day today … from speaking in a seminary chapel to meeting a missions organization giant to catching up with a church elder to practicing for Sunday worship to trying to answer questions on the HOly Spirit to a Chinese memorial/funeral.

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