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I hated the study of history in school because I thougt it was just memorizing facts and dates plus we didn’t really have any exciting or passionate teachers. I think a teacher passionate about the subject really makes a difference. Rev. Dr. Hermen Shastri (who’s the current general secretary of the Council of churches Malaysia was that kind of teacher for me during my two years if church history courses and I took an elective on Methodism with him – I never saw church history as a dull subject again. I was thinking about the early church fathers yesterday so then I googled my way to the following links which I think I’ll be visited quite often.

Internet Theology Resources (by St. John’s School of Theology Seminary)
wow … fantastic links – especially loads of stuff from the early church fathers – I’m checking out church history, systematics, spirituality and monastic studies.

The Ecole Initiative
I wanted to read first hand what the early church before the infamous start of Christendom had to say about church – it’s part of basic research for a possible first module for my masters.

Christianity Today: Church History Site
I really enjoyed their magazines in seminary. Lots of nice pictures and quotes – a good entry level place to go.

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