Random Links 34

A theologian, both respected and controversial
We’re going to have our elections this year too 🙂 I wonder how would be describe our new Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia.

The New Pope
I guess who we are before we step into a new position means a lot .

Jason Clark is having loads of fun at the Worship, Art, Liturgy and Preaching conference in Kentucky. Nice of him to put his notes for us. Looking forward to the next set of notes and his notes on preaching of course!

Worship as Spiritual Formation: Brian McLaren
Apparently, Jason thought this was worth the trip alone …

Maggi Dawn: Sublime
I remember hearing some of the thoughts and names here during coffee at her office, way to go Maggi!

Worship in Eastern Orthodox Tradtion
I’ll never forget my first visit to an Eastern Orthodox Church in Geneva … way beyond what I’ve experienced thus far!

Who Do We Say We Are? A Question For The Seekers Church
facinating seminary paper on the Seeker’s church which was birthed out of the Church of the Saviour ( Gordon Cosby & Elisabeth O’Connor)

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