Good Job! 1st Day at “School”


I felt really proud of Gareth today on his first day at “school” (actually it’s nursery …). We went scouting around the other day .. and managed to find three church related kindergartens. Each has their uniqueness. One was very small, the other that has lots of space and one more pretty sophisticated. This brings back loads of memories for me because Mom actually was the cook and helper at the church nursery/kindergarten that I was going to when I was around three.

We thought it might be nice for Gareth to make some friends … at the end we chose the 1st one we visited. It’s a small one next to the Anglican church nearby.

Gareth seemed excited this morning and a little apprehensive. It’s a big step for our shy son. He walked into the little compound himself with his “school bag”. The headmistress greeted us with a smile as well as the other teachers and also the kids.

Once Gareth got his new uniform on we went to the “singing session”. he just stood there to get himself “orientated”. As the father I just stuck around 🙂 nearby. I think it was more for me then him! (Apparently, May Chin expected me to go off .. but I misunderstood her instructions and stayed on throughout – which was ok! I had a chair nearby and did my work there.)

During the break, he really enjoyed the biscuits and the companionship around him – ok! especially the extra biscuits the teacher gave him. His joy was so contagious …

As parents we don’t expect a lot of academic stuff or pressure on Gareth now. As long as he enjoyes himself, learns someting, plays with others, socialize with kids around his age that would be great.

We felt good that we could support a church kindergarten as well … we could see clearly that there wasn’t any “profit-mindedness” lurking anywhere … which we really appreciate.

We’re just thankful .. again how things are working out. It’s a trial run actually … but if it works out (which is very likely) .. then Gareth is going to have a new routine. He did excellent today … GOOD Job, Gareth!

IMG_0294_1st_day_school_small.jpg IMG_0302_songs_icebreaker.jpg IMG_0316_puzzle_small.jpg IMG_0328_food.jpg

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