Happy Anniversary!


We kind of knew each other in Sunday School when I was nine years old and she was eight. I always flopped at scripture memory and she got all the stars. I left church she stayed on …

We met again at the same church youth group called student fellowship years later when I returned from my little exile (or escape)… I was 15 she was 14, my opening line as we shook hands was, “Do you still remember me?” (I spoke in Mandarin then)

We “dated” or “had a serious relationship” – whatever you want to call it … for 10 years before getting married in 1999 June 5 on a Saturday afternoon with about 500 guests attending our wedding at the same church we met as kids, and as teenagers …

For all these years we’ve walked together and still have a long way to go (especially with Gareth and Elysia joining the journey) … we offer God thanks and praise – for leading us, protecting us, guiding us, shaping us, molding us … and doing so much more than we could ask or imagine making us into whom God wants us to be ….

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