My First Plane Ride!

IMG_1519_gareth_excited.jpg IMG_1526_gareth_plane_1stglance.jpg

We prepared Gareth the night before the trip – we told him he’ll be going on a plane and he was excited the moment he opened his eyes that eventful Monday morning!

When I saw his joy the moment he saw the helicopters and planes, I couldn’t help but share in his happy “discovery” (especially since for quite a number of mornings helicopters flew over our house!) And when our “big plane” arrived … he was READY …

IMG_1536_gareth_plane_point.jpg IMG_1539_gareth_plane_cool.jpg

“Zip .. Click!” …we got buckled in our respective seats – Gareth had his own seat, wow! This definately was a special moment and as we were lifting off … there was no fear … only confidence and faith that we’re flying into the sky towards our destination. Gareth couldn’t stop talking about it before he settled down for a moment of “contemplation”.

IMG_1542_gareth_sivin_plane_smile.jpg IMG_1552_elysia_maychin_plane_yawn.jpg

Gareth’s joy and happiness was simply contagious … the whole “discovery” experience swept me along and I became a child again. Elysia didn’t get her own seat but May Chin and her shared this beautiful moment together with the boys (Gareth & me!). So often, in our routines we’ve lost the sensitivity towards wonder, adventure, exploration and simply getting excited about “stuff” right before our eyes. This “First plane ride” with Gareth was good for my soul! It started off the holiday with freshness …

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