What’s Your Theological Worldview?

You scored as Emergent/Postmodern. You are Emergent/Postmodern in your theology. You feel alienated from older forms of church, you don’t think they connect to modern culture very well. No one knows the whole truth about God, and we have much to learn from each other, and so learning takes place in dialogue. Evangelism should take place in relationships rather than through crusades and altar-calls. People are interested in spirituality and want to ask questions, so the church should help them to do this.



Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


Neo orthodox


Modern Liberal


Roman Catholic


Classical Liberal


Reformed Evangelical






What's your theological worldview?
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I took it twice … the questions are limited … so, it’s between Emergent/Postmodern & Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan based on the “limitations of the quiz” (somehow there was no emergent/evangelical/Lutheran/post-colonial category *grin*). As usual, it’s an interesting exercise but I hold the conclusions loosely. 🙂

I wonder whether I’ll be struck off any speakers list … after this test. At least drop me an email to ask for my “actual” & “work in progress” positions would be nice 🙂

I would like to see myself as one who seeks to live an integrated dance of <-- Trinitarian, Christ-centred, Spirit-shaped, Scripture-saturated, Church-connected, Historically-appreciative, "in the World not of the World & bless the World", life-long learning ... --> Orthodoxy, Orthopathy and Orthopraxis!

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