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(May Chin is a pretty good camera woman after all with this shot of me carrying Gareth from the sea to the beach during a Tioman Island sunset … with an Island on the left and a boat on the right … cool!)

I was so encouraged by a phonecall while I was on the Light rail heading towards Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) to meet Ben the brand new form six student. The lady who called was a person I met at the recent Grace Methodist Church family camp whom also got baptised at the Hot Springs near the resort together with her two children. It’s great to share her joy of seeing her husband (who saw himself as a non-Christian at the camp) take a step of faith to begin his journey with Christ.

I remember a number of “meaningful” conversations I had with her husband at the camp (she remembered too). Part of the conversation revolved around what is hindering him from taking that step of faith to be a Christ-follower. He shared honestly that he wondered whether he could REALLY be a Christian considerng the temptations he’ll be facing at work. I encouraged him that we don’t have to get everything sorted out before we can be a Christ-follower. Christ accepts us as we are, and he’ll lead us to where he wants us to be. He smiled and we continued having a good talk. Nothing dramatic happened that night. But apparently, after two weeks he found himself ready to take a “leap of faith” and his wife was more than delighted to help him along the way. I’m glad to share in their new found joy!

I found myself trying to explain my involvement with the Emergent Conversation today … I wonder whether I did a good job doing it … 🙂 I think I’m getting better at doing it … and then was reminded I was supposed to blog about it … ah! I’ve procrastinated too long on this one 😛

I actually wanted to post up a few books to recommend … there’s quite a number I find I’ve delayed mentioning them on the blog … I’ll try maybe during this week. Turned out I was stuck by a book recommended by Joel Vestal which I saw at MPH bookstores.

Gareth is having a great time with his cousins visiting from UK. I think he’ll really miss them when they return. But for now, It’s great to see them play together.

It’s good to pop by DB‘s place today … on one hand, it’s the first time I’m visiting their new home, but more importantly, just to catch up a little and pray together … the upcoming operation is significant and we trust in God’s faithfulness and healing grace!

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