Postmodern Youth Ministry Conference

Special Thanks to Rev. Poh and those at the Board of Youth Ministry Chinese Annual Conference (The Methodist Church in Singapore) for making this event possible.

Date: 7-8 July (Thurs- Fri), 2005
(please contact Rev Poh –> for more info)

Tony Jones (author of Postmodern Youth Ministry) and Dan Kimball (author of the Emerging Church) will be the main speakers.

It’s side by side the CORE Part 3 Certification Training by Youth Specialities with Mark Oestreicher.. which is on 9 July, Saturday.

I think I should be able to make it for the Pomo Youth Ministry Conference (now working on funds) and have some “conversations” with the guys!

Here’s the conference topics I saw in the brochure:

– Youth Ministry in a Globlized World
– How Postmodern Culture Shapes Youth and Youth Ministry
– Designing Multi-sensory Worship gatherings
– Moving Worship from performance and celebrity to participation and community
– Developing a theology of pop culture
– The recovery of ancient practices in youth ministry
– Starting an emerging worship gathering in an existing church
– Dialog session with the team

Of course, my main reason for going down is to connect face to face with the guys who are part of emergentUSA and engage in more indepth conversation – this is a good chance for some one like me from Asia to have some fun with my American friends as far as all things “emergent” or “emerging church” is concerned (plus all the youth ministry related issues from the conference).

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